ProFTPD – FTP Server

ProFTPD is  a secure and configurable FTP server

Install proftpd on your server

apt-get install proftpd

proFTPd Configuration
Run proFTPd:
Select Standalone

Edit the proftpd configurtion file

vi /etc/proftpd/

Change the settings accordingly , for example port and DefaultRoot

DefaultRoot         ~

All FTP client can accesss only their home direcotory

Save the file and exit

Create a user  with group ‘root ‘  home directory  and set a password.

mkdir /home/ftpdirectory

useradd  -G root -d /home/ftpdirectory ftplogin

passwrd ftplogin

Add permission on directory to be accessed by owner and group

chmod 770 /home/ftpdirectory

Your user “ftplogin” is ready to FTP access server.